The “slaming” is an illegal practice that consists of transferring users irregularly, without their being aware and without even giving their approval. It is a fraudulent contract in which the user suffers a change of company, generally very frequent in the field of telephony, without being aware of having accepted it. The victim finds out when they receive the bill or package.

The injured party undergoes a change of company without having accepted, even without being aware until the invoice or package arrives. Although this practice was quite focused on the field of telephony, Gállego & Builla is detecting an upturn in this illegal practice in the field of electricity with the rise of new companies.

FUNDAMENTAL!!! Do not fill out forms giving data, do not show invoices, do not sign documents that apparently are not contracts, do not sign anything. If you attend a commercial, do not provide any information, and if we are interested, ask for the information brochures, (without providing information or signing), and calmly analyze the offer to make a thoughtful and voluntary decision.

In a SLAMING situation, it is best to file a complaint with the consumer organization in your community, and return to your company. And where appropriate, also file a complaint with the Data Protection Agency.