One of the novelties of the European Data Protection Regulation is that it includes within its scope of protection the data of natural persons, when they act in their capacity as professionals or businessmen, as well as those data of natural persons of contact of legal persons.

To this novelty must be added the fact that data processing requires a explicit consent. The new regulation raises several questions: When a salesperson enters the door with a card in hand, do I have to give him or her a consent sheet to sign? If you are a commercial / staff of a company I work with, do you still have to sign a consent form?

The answer is yes !, and as long as the new Law that is in the project phase does not come out, and let's see if it gives any solution in this regard, the truth is that if they give us a visiting card, with the current regulations, we must collect consent and inform each of the extremes of art. 13 of the GDPR.

It goes without saying that what happens with the cards can be extrapolated to all cases of contact data of legal persons through their employees.

Thus, and with the current regulations in hand, if things are not changed, we will have to go through the paper shredder the card holder with all the cards inside, and refrain from taking any card from anyone in the business environment.