In Vigo on ………… .. March 2020



Dear sirs,

The referred loan is linked to the account of which I am the owner in this entity number……………………….

I send you this writing in relation to the mortgage loan that I have subscribed with you by virtue of deed granted before the Notary Mr. ……. on date ……. With the number ... of your protocol and that taxes my habitual residence located in …….

The current situation in relation to COVID-19 has caused that, currently, I can not meet the mortgage payment, reason why, in accordance with the Royal Decree Law 8/2020 of March 17, I request the MORATORIUM provided for in articles 7 and following.

To this end, I indicate that I am in the following vulnerability assumption of those provided for in the Royal Decree: (PUT WHATEVER PROCEEDS)

a) That the mortgage debtor becomes unemployed or, if you are an entrepreneur or professional, suffer a substantial loss of your income or a substantial drop in your sales. In this sense I must indicate to you that …………… unemployment / lost income / fall in sales ………………….

b) That the total income of the members of the family unit does not exceed, in the month prior to the request for the moratorium: the limit of three times the Public Indicator of Income of Effects Multiple monthly (hereinafter IPREM)1.

c) That the mortgage payment, plus the expenses and basic supplies, is greater than or equal to 35 percent of the net income received by all members of the family unit.

d) That, as a consequence of the emergency health, the family unit has suffered a significant alteration of its economic circumstances in terms of the effort to access housing, in the terms that are defined in the next point. In this sense I must indicate to you that………load mortgage increased by 1.3% / sales decrease by 40% …………….2

For the purposes of accrediting the above situation, I attach the following documentation:

a)In case of legal situation of unemployment, by means of a certificate issued by the managing entity of the benefits, which includes the monthly amount received in concept of unemployment benefits or subsidies.

b) In case of cessation of activity of self-employed workers own, by means of a certificate issued by the State Agency of the Tax Administration or the competent body of the Autonomous Community, in your case, based on the declaration of cessation of activity declared by the interested.

c) Number of people living in the living place:

i. Family book or document accrediting domestic partner.

ii. Certificate of registration relative to the persons registered in the dwelling, with reference to the moment of the presentation of the supporting documents and after six months previous.

iii. Declaration of disability, of dependency or permanent disability to carry out a work activity.

d) Ownership of the goods:

i. Simple note from the index service of the Property Registry of all members of the family unit.

ii. Deeds of sale of the housing and mortgage loan granting.

e) Responsible declaration of the debtor or debtors regarding compliance with the requirements to be considered without sufficient financial resources according to this royal decree-law. [Request it from the entity]

All of the above, Please proceed to implement the requested measure, within the period determined in the Royal Decree-Law, with all the legally established effects.


EXPLANATORY NOTES: IPREM = 537,84 €, (These minimums are increased: by 0.1 times the IPREM for each dependent child in the family unit.
The applicable increase per dependent child will be 0.15 times the IPREM for each child in the case of a single parent family unit.
The IPREM is increased by 0.1 times for each person over 65 years of age who is a member of the family unit.

If any of the members of the unit family member has a declared disability greater than 33 percent, situation of dependency or disease that permanently incapacitates you to carry out a work activity, the limit will be four times the IPREM, without prejudice to the accumulated increases per dependent child.

If the mortgage debtor is a person with cerebral palsy, with mental illness, or with intellectual disability, with a recognized degree of disability equal to or greater than 33 percent, or person with physical or sensory disability, with a degree of disability recognized equal to or greater than 65 percent, the limit will be five times the IPREM.

Significant alteration is understood when the effort represented by the mortgage burden on family income has been multiplied by at least 1.3. It is understood that a substantial drop in sales when this drop is at least 40% and understands By family unit the one made up of the debtor, his spouse or separated legally or registered domestic partner and children, regardless of their age, who reside in the home, including those linked by a relationship of guardianship, guardianship or foster care and their spouse not legally separated or Registered domestic partner, residing in the home